Summer Activities to Impress Admissions

summer activities

Did you know that what you decide to do with your summer can help you get accepted into college?

Admissions departments are looking for students who they know will work hard to reach their goals and will bring something to the table. Your extracurricular activities will help tell the admissions committee just what type of student you will be on campus. So this summer, choose to impress admissions!

Find A Summer Program at A Local College

Most colleges offer some form of summer program for students whether it be college classes, a major-specific program, an adjustment to college program, or volunteer opportunities. These are great resume builders and networking opportunities, especially if the school you want to attend offers a summer program.

Apply for Internships

Internships are vital to your success in college and after. This opportunity for hands-on experience and being a part of the career you are working towards is invaluable. If you have an opportunity to gain internship hours this summer, don’t pass this up!

Visit Colleges

Visiting colleges is a tricky topic lately, but it is also an important step in planning for your future. Colleges will not leave their students without an option to tour their campus, whether that be virtually or in-person. Make sure to schedule at least three campus visits over your summer break! This will also show initiative that you are using your free time to visit campuses. 

Work on Test Prep

The much-dreaded but always necessary push for test prep. We know that literally NO ONE wants to spend their summer break studying for the SAT or ACT, but we also know that almost EVERYONE wants to get into their dream school and get a good scholarship. Unless you are a natural-born test taker, Test Prep is sadly an essential part of that process.


Spending your time serving others or the community is so important. This will be beneficial in so many ways, not only will it look good to college admissions and future
employers, but it will also help shape you as a person and leave a positive impact on those you serve. It truly is a win-win-win.

Find A Job Shadow Opportunity

Job shadowing is something that should not be overlooked. If you are seriously considering a particular career, you should find someone in that field to shadow. Also, if you are unsure what you want to pursue as a career, job shadowing can help you find what interests you and impress admissions!

Get A Summer Job

Having a summer job, whether that be babysitting, retail, or something in your field, will help you develop a strong work ethic and acquire additional experience/skills. Your job can also help connect you with successful people for future networking.

Create An Online Presence

We are not suggesting that you spend your summer absorbed by your phone and what’s happening on social media, but we also know that you will spend a significant amount of your free time online, so you might as well get something positive out of it! Use your social media/blog to promote yourself in an appropriate/professional manner that would impress colleges.

Read A Good Book

Reading well is a key factor in impressing colleges. When you are interviewing for a college, it is likely that you will be asked what you are currently reading. Your answer doesn’t have to be something stuffy or academic, it can be an entertaining read, just make sure you explain how it has positively impacted you and changed your view of the world or yourself.

Stay Actively Involved

We know you can’t possibly do everything on this list, but whatever you decide, just make sure you stay active and involved. Don’t spend your entire summer on the couch, binging Netflix-that will not help you to impress admissions or prepare for college.

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