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Sorority Recruitment Week

Totally lost when it comes to recruitment week? We've got you covered!

Sorority Recruitment Week

Round One (Ice Water Tea, Open House, Values Round) 

  • During the first round of recruitment (at larger schools, the first round of recruitment could last 1-2 days), each Potential New Member (PNM) will visit each chapter that the university offers on campus. PNM’s will be greeted with a door song and get an opportunity to speak with members of each chapter. Parties last around 20 minutes. 
  •  Dress: Casual attire such as sun dresses, skirts, and rompers. Wedges and sandals are appropriate shoes. Workout shorts, t-shirts, formal dresses, and heels are discouraged. 

 Round Two (Philanthropy Day) 

  • During the second round of recruitment, you will learn more about each chapters philanthropic organization they are involved with. You may be asked to make a craft with the chapter or watch a slideshow. Parties usually last around 30 minutes 
  • Dress: The Panhellenic team usually gives t-shirts for all PNM’s to wear for this day. Casual shorts, skirts, and sandals are appropriate. Workout shorts and tennis shoes are discouraged. 

Round Three (Skit Day) 

  •  During the third round of recruitment, chapters will put on a skit to let PNM’s know a little more about their particular chapter. Parties usually last around 45 minutes. 
  • Dress: Dresses, heels, wedges, and sandals are appropriate for this round. It is more formal than the previous two rounds. 

Round Four (Preference or Pref Day) 

  • Preference is the most serious day of the recruitment process. On this day, PNM’s decide which chapter they want to join. Parties usually last around an hour. 
  • Dress: This round is the most formal of the week. Dresses, heels, and wedges are appropriate. 

Bid Day 

  • This is the most exciting day, because you finally get to become a new member of a sorority! Chapters usually have fun events or retreats planned for their new members immediately after you receive your bid, so it could potentially be a long day. 
  • Dress: Most sororities will have a jersey for you to wear. Shorts, tank tops, and sandals are appropriate for this day, unless you are told otherwise. 

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