Should You Join Your College’s Alumni Association?

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It’s not too early to think about your life post-graduation. Should you join your college’s alumni association once you get your degree? Read here to learn.

Receiving your diploma might feel far away for new students. However, the event happens faster than you think, and you’ll have to make decisions regarding your life post-graduation. Many grads choose to stay connected to their school by joining organizations that help them in their personal and professional lives. Should you join your college’s alumni association? Keep reading to explore the advantages.

Receive Discounts

Being a member of your alumni association comes with several perks. Receiving discounts for various experiences and services is just one of many! Businesses offer deals for alumni all the time, so former students should take advantage. Health insurance providers, restaurants, and even travel companies provide discounted rates for local alumni so that you can enjoy your post-degree life on a budget.

Networking Opportunities

One of the most powerful arguments for joining your college’s alumni association is access to networking opportunities. While you may have experience from internships or part-time jobs, many students don’t have professional connections to get them into their desired careers. Your school’s networking events will help you climb the ladder so that you can put the degree you worked hard for to good use.

Career Placement

In addition to networking opportunities, your school likely provides career placement services for you to access as an alumnus. Depending on the college, your university might host job fairs and employ career coaches to help you choose your path after you graduate. Some schools even have their own career portals and partner with local businesses to place students directly into high-paying jobs. These valuable services make alumni membership that much more appealing to freshly-graduated students.

Giving Back

Of course, there are generous benefits to being part of an alumni group that you should also keep in mind. Most graduate groups require members to make monetary donations, which they then put back into the school. Your college uses these funds to improve campus life, upgrade its technology, and hire expert instructors for the next generation of students. Joining your alumni association allows you to give back to the place that prepared you for adulthood so that current and prospective students can have the same incredible experience.

Stay Connected

While most people go to school to prepare for a career, many say that the friends and experiences they encounter are the highlights of their attendance. Being a member of your alumni association allows you to stay connected with the people who made your time worthwhile. You’ll have the first opportunity to purchase tickets to games, concerts, workshops, and other school-sponsored events, where you can show off your post-grad school pride with spirit wear specifically for former students. As an alumni association member, your college experience doesn’t have to end once you get your degree.

As you can see, there are so many advantages to becoming a member of your school’s alumni association. Think about how staying involved could help you as you move closer to your graduation date. Once you’ve walked across that stage and moved your tassel, you’re a part of an exclusive club that values education and perseverance.

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