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Prom Preparation Timeline

We’ve made a sort of to-do list for you, so you can focus on the fun part of this last hoorah of high school.

You are nearing the end of your high school career, and with it is coming a night you have either been dreading or dreaming about the whole time: prom night. Excited or not, here it comes, because not going isn’t an option. This night will be one you cherish for years to come, and in order to be able to do that, we’ve made a sort of to-do list for you, so you can focus on the fun part of this last hoorah of high school. 

 Three Months Before 

  • The dress: Try on a few different styles and colors before deciding, and have fun with it. Prom dresses are way better than they used to be. Fret not if it doesn’t fit perfectly. Thanks to this helpful timeline, you got your dress in plenty of time to get it altered. Same thing if you need a tux. Go ahead and get it now and you’re already halfway done. Consult with your date if you want to coordinate! 
  • The dateIn this digital age and time of viral prom-posal videos, it’s easy to be intimidated by asking someone to prom. Prom-posals can be cute and clever, but by no means do they have to be extravagant. Group dates are also a super fun way to experience this night. Your best friends are your built-in dates, and what more could you want? 
  • The inspo: You don’t need to decide on hair and makeup quite yet, but definitely be Pinterest-ing different styles and practicing them before you decide what you want.  

Two Months Before 

  • The transpo: You only have to worry about transportation if you’re planning on renting a limo. Do people still do this? There’s nothing wrong with carpooling. Just chip in for gas money! 
  • The accessories: Since you already know what your dress and tux look like, you can go ahead and order your boutonniere or corsage for your date. You won’t need to have them until the day before or the day of, but now is the time to pick them out.  
  • The pictures: Find a location you and your date/group can agree on for pictures before you all go off to the big night. This part is mostly for the parents to get their picture fix and for social media purposes.  

One Month Before 

  • Appointments: If you’re getting your hair and/or makeup done by a professional, now is the time to make the appointments. Don’t forget to bring pictures of what you want to look like if you have them. If you’re going to dinner beforehand with a large group, you’ll need to make a reservation at the restaurant.  

 The Week Of 

  • Get your nails done, do a “dress” rehearsal, and finalize all of your plans, including the photo meetup (with parents!).  

The Day Of 

  • Have a clutch, purse, or your pockets ready with some emergency necessities, i.e., a band-aid, some lipstick, cash, and gum. Enjoy it! This only happens once! 

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