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Summer is here, which means that many students are gearing up for their first day at new jobs or internships.

With an average job placement rate of 92 percent for undergraduate students and 93 percent for MBA graduates six months after graduation, as well as 98 percent of students participating in an internship, Culverhouse is no stranger to preparing its students to excel both before and after graduation.

Culverhouse encourages the development of prepared and knowledgeable professionals by establishing programs and initiatives that give students the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, who are often graduates of the Capstone. How does it do this? It does so via a dynamic mentorship program, a fully-staffed career center, and regular networking events.

Culverhouse Connections Mentorship Program

Culverhouse Connections fosters professional development in students by connecting them with career-inspiring mentors. The program works is by connecting students who seek guidance on their educational and professional aspirations with mentors, who in turn provide those students with advice specific to their goals. The program runs for one year and begins with an interest session, after which students are matched with a mentor. The matching process takes into account the mentor’s areas of expertise and geographic location to ensure the student receives relevant career guidance.

Through participating in Culverhouse Connections, student mentees are able to explore different career fields with working professionals who know the ins and outs of their respective industries. In other words, a mentor can coach a mentee toward a career path more in-line with their talents and ambitions. Furthermore, students who receive some form of mentoring in college have higher rates of job placement after graduation.

The Culverhouse Career Center

The Culverhouse Career Center provides students with an abundance of resources to maximize their preparedness for job and internship opportunities. The Center is a one-stop shop for all stages of professional development; students can research potential career paths by major, attend resume and cover letter review sessions, participate in mock interviews, and explore specific job and internship opportunities all through the Center, which is located in Culverhouse’s Bidgood Hall.

It’s likely that a student’s goals will change sometime over the course of their undergraduate studies, which can be scary. Culverhouse Career Center experts are equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to talk students through how a major can guide eventual career paths. Because professional development can take place at any time, the Culverhouse Career Center has several resources that are available to students 24/7 on its website. These include sample resumes and virtual databases with extensive information on nearly every occupation imaginable.

Networking Events & Career Fairs

Culverhouse hosts several career fairs throughout the year, where students can get their foot in the door, so to speak, at the world’s leading and most exciting companies. Culverhouse itself hosts three targeted career fairs geared towards the accounting, sales and marketing, and real estate industries. On top of these, UA hosts a general interest and business fair, along with a technical career fair, each semester.

Aside from these career fairs, students can also attend networking events year-round by registering for information sessions, lunch-and-learns, on-campus interviews, and other events that take place on UA’s campus.

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By Stephanie Cohen

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