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PreACT: Practice Makes Perfect!

You may have heard the word PSAT thrown around a time or two (or even taken it), but did you know there is also a pre-test for the ACT? It is called the PreACT and is offered by the same testing company that produces the Official ACT.

The PreACT is a pre-exam for the ACT, similar to the PSAT for the SAT. It is a slightly shorter, easier exam that aims to help students prepare for the official ACT exam. The PreACT is a paper-and-pencil test consisting of multiple-choice sections for English, math, reading, and science. It also contains information designed to aid students in talking about and deciding on college majors and career paths.

Here is everything you need to know about the PreACT and how it can help you prepare for your future!

Who Can Take the PreACT?

Anyone in grades 8th-10th can take one of the assessments. PreACT assessments offer students an early experience with ACT test items, provide a predicted ACT test score, and provide information to help students get a kickstart on college readiness.

What Is It Used For?

ThePreACT serves to help students get comfortable with the ACT test and standardized test practice in general. The best way for 8th-10th grade students to prepare is through these assessments that help them practice for the ACT, discover new opportunities, and start planning for the future.

These assessments are multiple-choice and provide students an early measure of college and career readiness while serving as a practice opportunity for the ACT test. Also, if you want to get a sense of how you might score on the “real” ACT based on where you currently stand, the PreACT is the best way to do that!

You can use the PreACT assessment to:

  • Determine college and career readiness
  • Create a pathway to success
  • Decide placement in courses
  • And more!

How Is the Test Structured?

  • PreACT 8/9 is for students in 8th-9th grades and is presented as a paper and pencil exam with a timeframe of 130 minutes.
  • PreACT is for students in grade 10 and is presented as a paper and pencil exam with a timeframe of 130 minutes.
  • PreACT Secure is also for students in grade 10, but as opposed to a paper and pen test, this version is offered online with a time frame of 155 minutes.

Each test is scored according to the same 1-36 score scale as the Official ACT. The highest possible score for PreACT 8/9 is a 30 and the highest possible score for PreACT or PreACT Secure is a 35.

How Can I Register to Take the PreACT?

This assessment is targeted to high school sophomores and can be taken on any date between September 1st and June 1st. Currently, interested students have to sign up for the assessment through a school that offers it. If your school doesn’t offer the PreACT, you may be able to take it at a nearby school that does. Check with your guidance counselor to learn more about this option.


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