Open Admission & What it Means for You

Open Admission

Applying to an Alabama community college does not require you to jump through hoops. Simply visit the local community college online or in person to apply!

No ACT? No problem

When it comes to attending any one of Alabama’s community colleges, there’s no ACT requirement. While the ACT that many universities require for admission can be used by your local community college to help figure out what classes can best position you for your goals, there’s only one thing you need to do to start your community college journey in Alabama.

That one thing is simple: just apply.

Application = Admission

Our colleges are what you call “open admission” institutions, which means that once you apply, you don’t have to fight past tons of other students with better ACT scores or GPAs to get into classes. Instead, each student gets an opportunity to be conditionally admitted to a local community college after providing the necessary basic information—such as a high school transcript, prior college transcripts, and residency verification—so our college admissions and registration teams can know how to guide you toward your degree or workforce credential.

Open admission allows for more residents to realize Alabama’s community colleges are a great first choice for any student who wants to go to college. Not only do students pay less than half the cost for the same academic classes they’d take at a four-year university; many of our colleges repeatedly rank among the top colleges in the country.

Many Ways to Get Involved

Together, Alabama’s community colleges have more than 120 athletic programs that compete in the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). Student life ranges from college clubs and organizations to national memberships and scholarships, and academic advantages range from knocking out two years of academic classes and then transferring to a four-year university in the state, to completing an associate degree or training for months or even weeks for a high-demand job with a decent wage.

We even have work-based learning opportunities that allow students to go to work and attend college at the same time—all for credit that goes toward completing a degree.

Open Door for Options

The bottom line is that open admission community college gives you, the student, an open door to explore your options without the label of a test score to determine how far you can go.

We understand that some students don’t consider community college, but many times we see that the reason is because students don’t fully understand what the community college offers. For those students, we want you to know we’ll be here with open admission if—and when—you need us. Stop by, or visit for more information.

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