Most Common Admission Mistakes

There is not one specific reason people get rejected or admitted, but here are a few common mistakes that play a role in your admittance or denial:

Applying to college comes with immense pressure and excitement for many prospective students—and parents alike.

When applying to schools, keep in mind you are more than just your GPA and standardized test scores. While those play a large role, reviewers are interested in the type of person they would be accepting. Avoid both technical and personal common mistakes on your application. Your application reveals a lot about your character, so be sure to be intentional and thorough.


There is not one specific reason people get rejected or admitted, but here are a few common mistakes that play a role in your admittance or denial:

There’s No “I” in College

Be cautious of the amount of “I” in your college essays. You didn’t get where you are today on your own. You want to show your drive to succeed, but you also want to acknowledge those who helped you along the way.

Share Your Vision

This doesn’t mean eyesight, vision means your dreams and goals for yourself. When filling out applications, you don’t want your reasons for applying to be vague or unambitious. Dream big and convince the Admissions Board that you are going to achieve this compelling vision for yourself.

Check Your Grammar

A large vocabulary is impressive, but be careful! Use large words sparingly, effectively, and in the proper context. Punctuation and grammar are the foundation of a good college essay. If English isn’t your first language, don’t just pass off poor grammar as an excuse (though it will be taken into consideration). Go the extra mile and have someone proofread your essay and check your grammar.

Keep It Light

Use your application to display the best side of yourself. It is okay to reveal failures and regrets but provide a balance of positive outcomes from those failures. For those overachievers, too many letters of recommendation or achievements can bog down your application instead of enhancing it. If you send extra information, be strategic about what you choose to submit.

Stand Out

Colleges want applicants who show interest in their school. Nearly every application will ask why you are considering their school. Take time to consider what about the school attracted you in the first place. Be sure to give specific details to show interest.

Words of Advice from AUM

“Starting out the right way begins from the moment you send your first email to a college admission office, and today officials are taking note of email addresses. The wrong email address can send the wrong message. Admission officials recommend students should create a new email address for themselves when starting the application process.” – Keri W. Burnett, Director of University Marketing at AUM

Top 3 Admission Mistakes to Avoid

Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) listed these:

  1. Missing important application and financial aid deadlines.
  2. Entering erroneous birthdates and social security numbers.
  3. Using inappropriate email addresses such as that send the wrong impression to college admission officials.

College Admissions may be intimidating, but using these tips will give the Admissions Board a great impression of you!

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