Are Test Prep Courses Worth the Investment?

To help you determine if test prep is worth the cost in the end, consider these key factors.

Are Test Prep Courses Worth The Investment?

Test prep courses typically range from $70 to nearly $3,000. These courses can benefit teens on all academic levels whether it’s to keep them out of remedial courses in college, help them gain acceptance into their dream school, or even open doors for more scholarship opportunities. Since everyone’s academic and financial situation is different, the actual return on investment will vary.  

To help you determine if test prep is worth the investment in the end, consider these key factors: 

  • College selection – Get in the know about the price tag at your prospective schools and the various institutional dollars available. 
  • Financial need – Get clear about your financial need, the estimated financial aid packages a college can offer you, and which institutional scholarships are competition-based and guaranteed. 
  • Testing performance – Get the facts on proven results from the test-prep center of your choice and be honest with yourself on how well you perform without professional help. 

Studies show that, on average, overall ACT scores boost by 3 points and SAT by 200 points, while individual subjects may show more improvements. Boosts in English or Math scores can keep students out of remedial classes in college, which saves an average of $1,062 per course.

Are Test Prep Courses Worth the Investment?

They can be, but it depends heavily on the student’s performance. Encourage your teens early on to fully apply themselves to the studies they do. It could be the difference between graduating in debt or debt-free. 

Good luck! 

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