Joining Army ROTC

When I learned about all the opportunities ROTC would provide me, joining was an easy decision.




Indian River Central High School (Philadelphia, NY) Class of 2015

Troy University (2016-Present)

MAJOR: Criminal justice with a concentration in digital forensics

MINOR: Double minor in military science and leadership

When I learned about all the opportunities ROTC would provide me, joining was an easy decision. I was born into a family with a long legacy of military service, so it was something very familiar to me. I’m proud and blessed with the chance to serve the nation and make a difference.


Scholarships: ROTC provides various financial incentives to help you succeed during your time in school. These include, but are not limited to, scholarships that pay for tuition or housing, various stipends, and opportunities at training camps during the summer. I moved from Upstate New York to Alabama to attend Troy University without a scholarship. I joined ROTC as a freshman, spent my first year competing for a scholarship, and received a 3-year scholarship at the start of my sophomore year.

Job Security: Many college graduates struggle to figure out what they want to do after they graduate and worse, struggle to find a job. Through the ROTC program, you know exactly what you will be doing upon graduation. After I graduate from college in Spring 2019, I will commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army. I will serve a four-year Active Duty service commitment and best of all, be debt-free.

CHALLENGES: Freshman year was challenging, as I was adapting to the early morning PT sessions and getting into shape. Sophomore year was also challenging, with the incorporation of land navigation and basic tactics. Junior year presented the most obstacles— we had to be fluent in tactics, land navigation, and basic rifle marksmanship. Senior year has presented a new set of challenges, as many of us are being placed into leadership positions.

FUTURE GOALS: My short-term career aspiration right now is the Army. I’ve selected Cyber, Signal, and Military Intelligence as my top three job choices. These for the most part will be my focus during my time in the Army. Long-term, if I get the opportunity to serve 20 years in the Army, I will retire and move into the civilian sector or jump into a 3-letter agency using skills I’ve learned during my time in the Army.

WISE WORDS: ROTC is a fulfilling option for college students, and worth checking out. Feel free to join and participate in the program for the first two years without having a service commitment. Many Cadets receive a scholarship, and it will pay for your education entirely if you choose to continue through the program. You’ll still be a student and won’t miss out on the typical college experience. You will attend normal academic classes and be able to join clubs, intramurals, and live on or off campus. ROTC has a long and prestigious history, and it’s an honor to be a part of it. BONUS: You will not have to attend Basic Training!

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