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Job Application Tips

Here are some great tips to make sure that you stand out amongst other applicants.

Follow these job application tips:

  • Don’t leave anything blank.
  • If it’s not an application you can type or fill out online and print, make sure it’s filled out legibly in blue or black ink.
  • Check thoroughly for spelling/grammatical errors. Then check it again. And again.
  • For references, teens may be able to use one of their teachers, coaches, youth ministers, or leaders of another organization they’re involved with. Try to find references who have seen you in various settings where you exercise different skills, such as working with peers, problem solving, motivating others, leading an organization, etc
  • Whether a cover letter and resume is required should be clearly stated. However, when in doubt, include both. Create a basic cover letter and resume that they can adapt for different purposes. Keep them simple, yet thorough and make sure they are properly formatted. Poor formatting or lengthy, repetitive resumes, cover letters and applications are an almost guarantee that you are not hired.
  • When meeting with potential employers, whether it’s picking up or returning an application or for an interview, it’s crucial that you know how to properly introduce yourself. Two must-do’s: look employers in the eye and give a firm handshake.

While all of these job application tips seem like minor details, they will put you strides ahead of other applicants and could be the difference between a job and unemployment.

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