January 2020 Scholarship Winners


Every January, Potential does a drawing for two $500 scholarships. One of the winners is randomly selected from our Countdown-to-College statewide Newsletter subscribers, and the other is randomly selected from our list of Countdown-to-College National Newsletter subscribers. In order to be eligible to receive this “Don’t wait to Reach your Potential” scholarship, the selected student must be a high school student and must be an active recipient of the Newsletter.

Join us in congratulating our recent winners of the January 2020 “Don’t wait to Reach your Potential Scholarship!”



Our Statewide Winner, Rendy Cunningham is 18 years old and attends Shades Valley High School. When asked what she plans to do with her $500 reward, Rendy answered, “I plan on attending Jacksonville State University in order to major in psychology in hopes of being a future clinical psychologist.”








Our Nationwide Winner is Alyssa Stoner. She is 18 years old and currently attends Harrison Central High School in Gulfport, MS.  She plans to use her $500 reward to help her attend Rice University to major in Biochemistry.








We can’t wait to see these students reach their potential! Please click here to sign-up for one of our scholarships. We will be drawing for our $1,000 scholarship in May!

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