How You Can Make Your Electronics Use Healthier

It’s hard to find anyone now who isn’t using at least some electronics daily. It’s even easier to find people using electronics all day, moving between computers, phones, TVs, and video game consoles, among many other things. They’ve taken over the world, and their use isn’t the healthiest. Continue reading below to learn how you can make your electronics use healthier.

Limit Social Media

Social media is fantastic in that it can connect friends disconnected by geography and time, but it’s also chockablock with advertisements, judging, and identity issues.

You likely have some close friends on social media who you’d like to keep up with, but they hardly post. Instead of talking to them and sharing what’s going on in their lives, you will scroll for hours and see hundreds of advertisements, and you will judge and feel judged by everyone else.

All this judging and subliminal toxicity can weigh on a person and make them question who they are and want to be. For example, do you want to stay who you are, someone who isn’t the same as everyone else, or do you want to fit in? Social media gets scary when you spend too much time on it, so it’s important to learn how to limit it and step away fairly often.

Change Color Settings

One effective way to make your electronics healthier is to change the color and brightness settings. Computers, smartphones, tablets, and TVs all damage your eyes in ways you didn’t know. A great way to help make them healthier is by putting them down periodically and doing something else, but this isn’t always possible. In the interim, you can lower the brightness of your screens and use color spectrum apps to make the screen’s hue more comfortable for your eyes.

Similarly, try not to use your electronics in an environment with light that harshly contrasts your screens because you’ll end up straining to read something. Try to get everything around the same color and brightness level so that your eyes aren’t constantly readjusting.

Don’t Respond Immediately

Another great way to make your electronics use healthier is by learning not to respond immediately. Since everyone always has their devices on them, people have grown incredibly impatient, demanding, and inconsiderate of each other’s time.

You won’t be able to change this behavior, but you can potentially slow it down by learning not to respond at the drop of a hat. Make people wait! You can start to appreciate the time you have more and perhaps even feel less stressed, knowing that the world can wait for you. Then, you don’t have to be on alert constantly.

You can make your electronic use a lot healthier when you take this advice, incorporate it into your life, and change your electronic use. It’s important to take these steps now because as time goes on, you’re likely to use more and more technology as the world becomes even more saturated with devices and screens. Learn to step away from it all and appreciate the more physical things in life.

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