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If you’re looking to supplement your financial aid package, one great way to do so is applying to become a Resident Assistant!

If you’re looking to supplement your financial aid package, one great way to do so is applying to become a Resident Assistant! Most schools offer excellent compensation, ranging from scholarships to free room and board, which can account for around half of your total college expenses per year! Here’s what you need to know: 

What Exactly IS a Resident Assistant? 

Resident Assistants are undergraduate students who are a liaison for Housing. They help residents adjust to campus life, inform them of the events going on, and assist them in whatever they need in order to be more comfortable on campus. They monitor the safety and security in the residence halls, and they are responsible for helping residents understand university policies and encouraging students to get involved. Most schools have training requirements in order to be an RA, and one important thing to keep in mind is that almost every school requires that you be at least a second year student to be considered. 

Sounds like a pretty fun job, right? So now let’s talk about the compensation! Here are just a few examples of what RAs are offered at various Alabama schools: 

Auburn University 

  •      GPA must be a 2.50 or higher. 
  •      Must be in good conduct standing with University Housing  and Auburn University. 
  •      Must have experience living on campus. 

Tuskegee University 

  •      2.75 GPA 
  •      Good standing with the university—no disciplinary actions 
  •      Lived on campus at least a year   
  •     3 recommendation letters from faculty and staff, write an essay, and go through an interview. 

Faulkner University 

  •     Student must contact the Dorm Director and Housing in order to see if a position is available.  
  •      Must have recommendation from staff members. 
  •      Have a 2.5 GPA or higher.  
  •      Must be in good standing with the University.

Jacksonville State University 

  • At JSU, RAs have their housing and meal plan fees exempted and are also provided a monthly stipend. 
  •  Students have to be at least a sophomore.  
  •  It is preferred, but not required, that they have already lived on campus.  
  • Once hired as an RA, these students live onsite, work 20-26 hours a week, and are typically on call 24/7.  

Troy University 

  •  Before Troy begins the RA hiring process, they encourage all students who are interested to attend meetings where they will learn all the responsibilities and requirements.  
  •      Must have lived on campus for one academic year. 
  •      Must have a 2.5 GPA or higher. 
  •      Must be in good standing with the University- no disciplinary     issues, no outstanding bills. 
  •      Must submit application with 3 recommendations, 2 from an instructor, 1 from an RA or the RD. 



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