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In May 2021, 1,048 high school seniors were recognized for taking college courses while in high school from UA Early College. Just these students alone earned almost 8,000 credit hours before they even started their freshman year of college! Every year, hundreds more students choose to get ahead on their college coursework.

One Course / Dual Credit

Dual credit means earning both college credit and high school credit for the same college course. This is very appealing to many students who want to work smarter, not harder. More than 300 schools currently partner with UA Early College to make this possible for their students. All participating schools are listed on the UA Early College website, Even if a student attends a school that is not on the list, there are still many benefits to taking college classes as students prepare for their future beyond high school.

Online Learning

Online learning allows students to tailor their coursework to fit their lifestyles. Courses can be scheduled around sports seasons or other time commitments. Online classes use the newest technology, including videos, podcasts, web conferencing, wikis, digital group projects, interactive modules, and discussion boards. In addition, UA Early College’s Summer On-Campus allows students the unique opportunity to live on The University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa.

Skills For Success

All UA Early College students begin their journey online with the UAEC 200 College Readiness Course. This is a five-week online course that allows students to gain confidence and skills for success as they continue their college classes. When students complete the course, they know how to:

  • navigate online courses
  • communicate with faculty successfully
  • use study and note-taking strategies effectively
  • manage their time more efficiently

This course helps students transition into more than 80 different courses that can be taken through UA Early College.

Academic Advantage

Students in UA Early College benefit from a support team designed to help high school students succeed academically. Academic advisors help students decide which classes to take and when based on anticipated college major and high school commitments. Student success coordinators work with students to ensure they can navigate their college coursework successfully. Additionally, UA Early College guides students in using all the resources UA has to offer including University Libraries, the Writing Center, the Capstone Center for Student Success, and even the Career Center.

Money Matters

Courses through dual enrollment programs can be a great way to save money on college costs. At UA Early College, Alabama high school students are eligible for a 50% discount on tuition, which is already charged at a lower UA distance learning rate, and additional book scholarships are available. Most of the courses you can take through dual enrollment are accepted by a wide range of universities. So even if you’re still deciding where you want to go to college, taking courses through UA Early College can still save your family a hefty sum!

Want to start this semester by taking courses online?

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