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High school students across the nation are not only focused on completing their high school curriculum, but are also planning ahead and enrolling in dual-credit, college-level courses. Some students are earning dual credit for these college courses, meaning they receive college credit and also the required high school credit needed to graduate. One of the most popular options in Alabama for taking dual credit courses is through UA Early College at The University of Alabama. While students can take “typical” courses and earn dual credit (think history, English, math), many students are also exploring courses in humanities, fine arts, and foreign languages, and are still receiving dual credit.

What’s It Like? All students in UAEC begin with the required, four-week online UAEC 200 College Readiness Course, which teaches the essential skills necessary to be successful in college. After passing this course, students work with an academic advisor to select their next course or courses.

UA Early College offers more than 80 courses for students to select from, allowing students to reach outside the traditional classes offered in high school and begin preparing for their long-term goals. In addition, with the majority of UAEC students taking their courses online, students enjoy access to their course content 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also engage in discussions with their peers not only in the same high school or city, but also across the state and nation, allowing their learning sphere and perspective to be expanded.

Straight From a Student. “UA Early College has helped me with time management skills, as well as accountability and responsibility. Also, I’ve really enjoyed the variety of classes I’ve been able to take and found that I genuinely enjoy the subjects I’m learning about each semester,” said Mikalyn Meggs, a senior at Tuscaloosa Christian School. Mikalyn is excited about senior year and plans to continue earning college credit, even through the summer after high school graduation before entering her freshman year of college. She added that one of her favorite things about UAEC is “getting to ‘meet’ new people, especially when they are from different parts of the country.”

Mikalyn is still exploring where she wants to attend college full-time, and she’s also exploring her interests. UA Early College courses have opened her eyes to possibilities she hadn’t previously considered. When Mikalyn first began considering taking college classes while still in high school to earn dual credit, she said it was an easy decision. She wanted a challenging academic experience that would help prepare her for college. Taking one or two classes at a time allowed Mikalyn to build her confidence in navigating college-level material, while also maintaining her high academics, a part-time job, and school extracurricular involvement.

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Students are responsible for confirming their high school’s dual credit/dual enrollment policy with their high school counselor/ designee. The student’s high school of record determines how credit is awarded and/or posted toward high school graduation. UA Early College must have an agreement with the school district, home school, or private school in the state of Alabama. For more information, go to and review the Dual Enrollment page under the Educators tab.

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