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Creative Jobs for Unconventional People

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Finding a job is like navigating a minefield, but some jobs will be right for you. Here are some creative jobs that unconventional people should look into.

Teachers and adults tell you that you should know what job or career you want to enter while still in middle school. This way, you can better plan your classes and choices to have the best shot of entering that field. In reality, there are so many more variables at play that make finding the right career difficult. Here are a few creative jobs that unconventional people should look into that you may not have known about before.  

Art Therapist

Art therapy is an exciting field that blends both sides of the brain to create something unique. You get to be creative and explore art, but you are also working with psychological principles and therapy. This position is exciting to be a part of, and you will have the opportunity to help patients recover and cope with their stress, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. This field has some strict requirements, as you will need to work within the American Art Therapy Association (AATA). However, once you are in, things become much more simple, and you will be helping people in no time.  

Oilfield Worker

This position is one of the hottest and sweatiest jobs in America, and it is undoubtedly an interesting one as well. It is a job where you will be working incredibly hard and in some unfavorable conditions, but it is certainly unlike anything else that you can do. Oilfield workers may need to go deep into the ground and spend all day in small spaces or outside in the elements. Even when you are mentally prepared to withstand these conditions, being an oilfield worker can still be a struggle.

White Hat Hacker

The job title of “hacker” may not seem like a real career field that you can enter. The title may evoke images of men in masks sitting at computers and stealing data and information. These are black hat hackers, whereas white hat hackers work to infiltrate a company’s online infrastructure so that the company can learn how to better protect itself. Cyber security is a booming field, and people in these positions define safety in today’s digital age.  

Food Scientist

Another profession that blends two disparate fields is that of food scientists. In this job, you will take combine culinary knowledge with chemistry and biology to be at the forefront of food innovation. You can work for food companies and help create new flavors and meals, or you can work for government laboratories helping solve issues related to world hunger. Either way, you will be finding new ways to deliver nutritious and delicious meals to the people of the world.

These are a few of the most creative jobs that unconventional people should look into, but there are many others available. You may even choose to create a new career or job that did not exist five or ten years ago. 


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