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Careers You Should Look Into if You Love Math

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There are many skills in school that have application in the real world, including math. Here are some careers you should look into if you love math.

Math is a great skill to have, and you can insert yourself into almost any career field. Though this is the case, there are some fields where you can excel with your specific math skills. Here are the careers you should look into if you love math to make the best use of your skills and go into a field that makes you happy.

Computer Programming

Programming has existed for a while now, and its growth hasn’t slowed down. Everything in the world runs on tech, and people are operating behind the scenes, getting all of that worked out to the point where errors are minimal, and programs can operate smoothly. Computer programming is logical, but the field also requires heavy math knowledge. Everything affects something else, and you could interpret all these computer languages as vast math formulas you manipulate to get what you want to happen.

Aluminum Fabrication

A field that you might not have heard of or ever considered is aluminum fabrication. Fabricators take all kinds of aluminum metal and weld, bend, and cut it into various forms to fit a client’s needs. Metal fabricators require a lot of education in welding, gained through years of school, experience, and apprenticeships. On top of this, they are also highly proficient in math. There is a lot of applied algebra, arithmetic, and geometry you must use, and you will also need to measure and interpret blueprints and formulas without error.

Data Science

The field of data science has existed in one form or another for a while. In the age of computers and information, it is more prevalent than ever before. Companies can have more specific information about their consumers and how they consume, and they want data scientists to dig into this minutia. By looking through these trends, data analysts and scientists can find critical areas of growth or parts of the company’s model that are costing too much money. All these formulas and modeling rely extensively on math to function, so this would be a great career field to think about if you are proficient in them.


Engineering is one of the career fields most reliant on math in today’s world. They work with incredibly complex software and systems, from chemical processes to electrical circuits and manufacturing. They understand how to build and keep these systems operating efficiently in each of these niche areas. That requires a depth of math knowledge and understanding of how to implement it into every design.

These are only a few careers you should look into if you love math. Many more fields of interest either heavily rely on math as a foundation, or it plays a significant role. However, all these careers do not solely depend on math. You need to work on your other skills to be a well-rounded individual and a solid worker if you want to find a successful career.


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