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  • Love it when anyone in your family calls you when they’re having tech problems?
  • Spend your free time experimenting with new software or building your own computers?
  • Wish you could have a job that lets you geek out on technology every day?

If so, a career in computer networking might be a great option for you! Computer networking is a big deal in today’s world of technology. Most companies and organizations use a variety of software and dozens of computers to stay connected, and they need someone to help keep things running smoothly. That’s where a computer network administrator comes in handy.

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Job Responsibilities
Here’s just a small sampling of what a computer network administrator might do on a day-to-day basis.

  • Train coworkers to use certain software and hardware
  • Make sure computers, software, and operating systems work properly and stay updated
  • Troubleshoot outages and performance issues
  • Monitor network traffic for security breaches


  • Multitasking. As a computer network administrator, you’ll need to be able to run diagnostics, update software, and troubleshoot outages— sometimes all at once.
  • Leadership. It’s likely you’ll be training employees on how to use different software and hardware. You’ll need to be able to take the lead and show them what to do.
  • Problem-solving. This is probably the most obvious skill. Computer networking administration involves a ton of troubleshooting and fixing. You’ll need to know how to think creatively and efficiently to solve problems.

A qualified computer network administrator usually has a degree in computer science or IT, as well as one or more certificates related to computer networking. The Computer Science Technology Network Administration Program (NWA) at Gadsden State Community College is designed to prepare students to enter the field of computer networking with a college degree supported by industry certification. Classes are offered that prepare students for certification by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA A+, Network+, Linux+ and Security+) and by Microsoft (Microsoft MCSA Windows Server). Classes taken on Gadsden State’s campus are aligned to the Cisco CCNA certification. These classes give students hands-on experience with wired and wireless networking technology using CISCO networking devices and Windows and Linux based PCs.

Bradley Pruitt graduated from Hokes Bluff High School in 2016. He decided to pursue a degree in computer networking at Gadsden State Community College. When asked about his Gadsden State experience, Bradley replied, “I enjoyed my time at Gadsden State. It took me six semesters to finish, but every semester was worth it. It’s a very convenient and friendly campus. I loved my professors and advisors, and all the friends I made while there.” Currently, Bradley works in a Honda automotive manufacturing facility responding to, troubleshooting, and fixing any production-related computer issues

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