Campus Safety: Actionable Tips For Young Students

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A college campus seems to be a safe place for most students. Being surrounded by your peers and professors gives you a sense of security. But you must be realistic as safety is always a concern wherever you are. You must be vigilant about the behavior of fellow students, college staff, visitors, and trespassers. Even the safest areas may entail risks as an attacker may assault you when alone. It is crucial to take safety seriously and be prepared for such situations. Here are some actionable tips young students can rely on to stay safe from the assault on a college campus.

Never take safety for granted

While college campuses are low-crime areas, you should never take safety for granted. Assuming that you are secure at all times can land you in big trouble. An incident of assault may happen when you least expect it, so you must keep the possibility in mind. Stay alert and watch out for any subtle signs. Never be casual about safety, whether during the day or at night, in the classroom, library, hostel dorm, or prom party. Being vigilant can help you prevent assault incidents altogether.

Do not trust anyone too much

Another valuable tip for college students is never to trust anyone too much because the mindset can go against you. Your peers, professors, and people on campus may appear harmless. But you can never be too sure about anyone’s intentions. Incidents of women facing assault and molestation at the hand of their romantic partners are not rare. Use your common sense when you are with a stranger or even someone you know well.

Know your way around the campus

Getting out of the danger zone is your best defense when you encounter a threat. The best way to plan an escape is to know your way around the campus. Even better, identify areas where you can ensure safety. Also, be aware about the person you can reach out to raise a voice against any attempt to assault you. If you can reach the safe spot and the right person, you have good chances to ensure that the guilty person is punished for the act.

Understand how to encounter false accusations

Campus safety is not only about defending yourself from assault and molestation incidents. Some students find themselves on the other side of the picture. Imagine being falsely accused by a fellow student. Nothing gets worse because such an allegation can destroy your reputation, academic future, and career in the long run. The only option you have is to let a sex crime attorney help build your defense and clear your name. Seek legal help right after the accusation and avoid giving any statements to the police.

Avoid being alone

Incidents of assault are more likely to happen when victims are alone, whether on-campus or anywhere else. Criminals find them in a weak spot and take advantage of the situation. You can save yourself from assault threats by avoiding being alone on campus. Never step out in the late hours or go to lonely areas such as driveways and parking lots. Always have a group of friends walking you back to your lodging at late hours.

Build your physical strength

Building your physical strength enables you to defend yourself even in the most challenging situations. Joining a self-defense program is a good idea, though you must work on your fitness and stamina. It makes sense to escape in sensitive situations rather than put up a fight against your attacker. You may also raise an alarm by shouting aloud if escape does not seem possible.

Be mentally strong

Assault is challenging to deal with, and it can affect your mental well-being. So being mentally strong is as crucial as working on your physical strength. Young students often avoid reporting incidents and taking action because they are too scared or conscious. But not raising a voice will only encourage the criminal, and they may exploit your vulnerability even more. Seek support from fellow students and file a complaint. You can also visit the college counselor to talk about your problem.

Assault incidents on college campuses may happen anytime. The worst part is that countless students suffer in silence because they are hesitant to raise the issue. A lack of awareness is another reason for young students suffering in silence. Never take safety for granted, and go the extra mile to prevent such threats in the first place. Be watchful so that you can identify the danger and avoid it altogether.  

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