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Campus Safety 101

Whether you’re moving into a dorm or an apartment, college life is a whole new world that you’ll learn to navigate.

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Whether you’re moving into a dorm or an apartment, college life is a whole new world that you’ll learn to navigate. Whether you’re going to a party or walking to that late-night biology lab, here are a few tips from Chief Tyron Works of Workable Solutions Investigative & Protective Services to keep you safe! 

 What are some campus safety basics every college freshman needs to know?  

“Know your surroundings,” Chief Works says. “Never go anywhere alone.” Familiarize yourself with the campus before classes even start. “Know more than one way to get to a designated, location and make sure you know where the emergency call boxes are on campus.” If you know your way around, you have the option of taking a different route if your regular one feels unsafe. 

What do teens need to know about living with a roommate they don’t know? 

 “Know the people you call friends and don’t give out personal information to anyone! Even your friend could steal your identity,” Chief Works stresses. Another big tip: “Don’t allow people you don’t know to hang out in your dorm room and be sure to keep your valuables and money in a safe place that only you and your parents know about.” 

 What are some dating dos and don’ts? 

First college dating rule? “Don’t go by yourself on your first date. Remember that you don’t really know this person yet, so don’t believe everything they tell you. Try to learn about who you are potentially dating by watching who they hang out with and what they do.” Also: “Someone should always know where you are going when you leave for a date, and when to expect you back home,” he adds. 

 Do you recommend mace/pepper spray/whistles/personal alarms for college students?  

“Self-defense classes, whistles, and personal alarms are highly recommended. However, mace and pepper spray could be considered weapons on some campuses, so find out what the campus policy is before attempting to carry those,” Chief Works advises on campus safety. 

 What can parents discuss with their teens before they move into their first dorm or apartment to help them prepare to be responsible for their own safety? 

Chief Works says, “Before move-in day, make sure all campus emergency numbers are programmed into your teen’s cell phone for quick and easy dialing in an emergency.” He also recommends stressing the importance of keeping your phone charged at all times.  

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