Greek Life

Hazing: More Than a Harmless Prank

Hazing is dangerous. It’s not just boys being boys, or girls being catty. It’s led to serious physical harm and even death, and it’s an issue many teens face before they ever get to college. It occurs in many different arenas and is common among student groups in middle and...

How to Study Smart

Creating a study routine and having a dedicated, organized space can help you be more efficient, meaning you accomplish more...

Social Networking Safety

By: Sue Jones They love it! And oftentimes it seems that they can’t live without it. You may feel like...
social media

Social Media 101

Your friends are not the only ones looking at your social media! Up to 27% of college counselors said they look...

Social Identity

By: Dr. Polly Dunn Do you ever wonder what life would have been like if there was social media in...
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