Beta Bowl Virtual Entrepreneurship Program

The Beta Bowl Summer Virtual Entrepreneurship Program is available for your teen! This is a valuable enrichment opportunity to hone your teen’s skills and help differentiate them on future college applications, and we are accepting teens on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Beta Bowl is a virtual entrepreneurial extracurricular enrichment program for teens – they don’t need any prior business experience or prerequisite courses, but our programs take them through the process of building a business, from ideation to launch and pitch deck (all students come away with a completed business plan, marketing strategy, financial model, pitch deck, and viable business, and they also receive a customized letter of recommendation to be used on college applications and for jobs/internships)

We accept teens ages 13 through 18, though the program is ideal for high school freshmen through juniors who are seeking a unique extracurricular and impressive differentiator for their future college applications (though we have had many seniors participate, as well).

This summer, we’re offering two NEW virtual summer programs: a 5-day Entrepreneurship Immersion and a 6-Week Condensed Program (students can also sign up for our 12-Week Platinum program year-round). You can learn more about all three programs here: Summer Programs

Here’s a quick recap of what’s included in our virtual entrepreneurial extracurricular programs:

  • Entrepreneurial extracurricular program for motivated teens (top-line resume booster)
  • Motivated students learn to build a business through a virtual + hands-on program
  • An entrepreneurial extracurricular experience that takes students from ideation all the way to business plan, pitch deck, and beta launch (students do NOT need to come in with an idea)
  • All students get an individual Startup Mentor to guide them through the business-building process and for daily/weekly calls and email and text support
  • Virtual lessons, tasks, and daily/weekly startup mentor calls can be taken from anywhere – we’re enrolling students from all over the US
  • Daily/Weekly calls walk students through each step of the business-building program and ensure each student successfully completes each task
  • Students go from idea inception to viable business (no prerequisite courses or advanced math, finance, or business knowledge required)
  • Students get lifetime access to the Beta Bowl resources and online school
  • Students come away with a unique business plan, financial model, marketing strategy, and investor pitch deck
  • Each student gets individual feedback and an investor score sheet in response to their Beta Bowl pitch deck
  • Each student gets a customized letter of recommendation from the Beta Bowl founder, specific to his/her unique journey and progress (to be used on college applications and/or for future jobs and internships)

Before we open up broad enrollment, we’re extending invites to those on our waitlist and referral list (at our early bird pricing, while spots last), and will be holding your teen’s spot for the next week. We’re currently offering early-bird discounts on all of our summer programs, as well as limited-time payment plans, and we offer multiple program options to fit every parent’s budget.

We would love to have your teen in Beta Bowl 2020 and will hold the spot until you sign up above or we hear back from you. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the program further 1-on-1, you can book a call here and I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions, as well as to connect you with former Beta Bowl students if you or your teen would like to hear about their experience and opinion on the program.

Also, we’re excited to share that our 2019 Beta Bowl pitch competition winners submitted their Beta Bowl pitch deck to a subsequent competition and were just announced as finalists in the University of Houston Think Tank 2020 Business Plan Competition, where they’ll be competing with their Beta Bowl business! 

Thanks, and we’d love to have your teen in the program!
Rachel Greenberg,
Beta Bowl, CEO & Founder

Beta-Bowl | Youth Entrepreneurship Programs For Teens

Hi, I’m Rachel Greenberg – a Wall Street investment banker turned full-time entrepreneur and startup consultant. I’ve been working with startups for the past decade, and I’ve helped create and implement marketing strategies, investor pitch decks, and rebranding campaigns that have collectively reached millions of customers, earned millions+ in funding, and generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue. (A few of them got acquired for 7 and 8 figure valuations in the past few years, one got a deal on Shark Tank, and a couple have been featured in the Oprah Magazine!)

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