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Do you have a passion for learning and helping others learn? Do you want to make a lasting impact in people’s lives? If so, Auburn University at Montgomery’s College of Education may be just what you’re looking for!

The AUM College of Education’s reputation as one of the best teacher prep programs in Alabama means their graduates are in demand due to the training provided. Whether you’re attending straight from high school or are returning to earn a second degree, AUM has a program within its College of Education to fit your interest.

The College of Education

The Dean of AUM’s College of Education, Dr. Sheila Austin, shares, “Graduates from our College earn undergraduate degrees in the fields of special education, childhood education, secondary education, and kinesiology. Graduate candidates may earn master’s and educational specialist degrees in the fields of counseling, leadership, special education, early childhood/elementary, reading secondary education, and kinesiology. Candidates may also earn non-certification status in the field of instructional technology.

We offer hands-on learning experiences and networking opportunities through internships, practicums, and ten-day residencies. We believe that at AUM, you will experience real-life opportunities and practical skills in a small classroom setting, which will allow you to enter into a number of professional fields.”

AUM produces professional educators who are:

  • Competent – Equipped with the knowledge, skills, and technological expertise to help all individuals learn and develop.
  • Committed – Dedicated to the ethical practices and collaboration that serve as a foundation of a diverse and intellectually
    vibrant society.
  • Reflective – Devoted to analyzing past practices in ways that fuel ongoing learning and improve future practices.

Become A Successful Educator

When asked why are teachers important, Dr. Austin answered, “Teachers are important because we prepare every other profession. Without teachers, we could not have doctors, lawyers, carpenters, and a myriad of other careers.”

5 Important skills that must be applied to find a successful teaching position:
  1. Character
  2. Integrity
  3. Professionalism (including attire)
  4. Ability to work with teams
  5. Ability to receive constructive criticism with a commitment to continuous growth in the profession

Job Placement

The majority of AUM’s students have a job offer prior to graduation. AUM’s Senior Certification Officer and Field Experience Manager, Ms. Molly Pollard, sponsors the AUMazing Teacher Candidate Interview Day semi-annually. This event helps AUM’s school partnerships find high-quality future educators while providing job opportunities to upcoming interns and graduates.

In normal circumstances, this event is hosted on campus but has continued to be offered online during the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants from over 30 school systems from all over the state join together for this mutually beneficial event.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Sheila M. Austin, Dean for the College of Education if you have questions or need additional information about AUM’s programs.

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