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Adjusting to Life With A Roommate

Not having plans for a roommate heading into college can be a major point of concern for freshmen, so here is some advice to hopefully ease the stress of the situation:

Best Methods For Finding A Roommate

The housing offices at most universities use a system that involves a small quiz or survey telling them what makes you most comfortable. This is the best way for housing offices to pair roommates based on common preferences for bedtime, room temperature, socializing, etc. In addition to these surveys/quizzes, a good method to finding a roommate is to go to events hosted by the school you plan to attend and meet other freshmen who click with you.

Joy Odums, a Resident Assistant at Auburn University at Montgomery, shared her insight on the search. “I believe one of the best processes to finding a compatible roommate would be to first access your school’s housing website to find a roommate. If your school does not offer this service, finding Facebook groups in which people find roommates for your school is also another great resource.” Finding a compatible roommate is just half the journey; living in harmony takes consideration on both sides. You can have a great roommate but terrible living habits, and you will still have conflict. Try your best to be considerate of your roommate and discuss your issues face-to-face.

Words of Advice About Campus Living

Iyisha Hampton of AUM shared what she believes is important for students to know before moving onto a college campus. “It’s important to be open to new experiences, including new people with different ways of living. Another thing to remember is college can get lonely if you stay in your room all the time. Getting involved is a great way to meet new friends, develop leadership skills, and fully enjoy the college experience. I’d also include getting to know the community around your campus as important elements of living on your own.”

Keri Alford of Faulkner University shared some wise words for freshmen moving out on their own, saying, “I would encourage students to do the best they can in looking for a roommate, but in the end, it is important to give your roommate a chance, even if things start off a little bumpy. This is practice for life…things are not always going to go our way but sometimes we have to adapt where possible. Life’s about changing, and college is where a lot of change takes place. Be willing to navigate the change…don’t shut down.”

Great Resources For Finding A Roommate:

  • allows you to sign up and find a roommate
  • Facebook: look up college name +“roommate finder” or “housing”
  • Check with the college housing office: see if they have a process
  • Talk to other freshmen when visiting campus

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