A Practical Approach to Reaching Your Goals

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With advisors that can help you plan your best future, your local community college is a practical approach for your ultimate college experience.

Professional Major League Baseball players. Olympics contenders. Teachers. Top nurses. Lead engineers. YOU.

What Does ACCS Have to Offer?

A total of 24 community colleges across the state make up the Alabama Community College System (ACCS). ACCS colleges are Alabama’s gateway to world-class, affordable education and technical training for nearly 145,000 students. These colleges have flexible in-person and online classes. Each college also offers financial aid opportunities to help pay for tuition.

Why Choose a Community College?

Community colleges provide a sense of comfort for students, providing them with a smooth transition from the high school classroom to a college setting. Instructors on ACCS campuses interact one-on-one with their students, making the effort to know the names of each person. Students can also engage in a variety of clubs and organizations, including honor societies, eSports teams, ambassador groups, and student government associations.

Community college classes cost less than half the price for the same core classes at four-year universities in Alabama, so many students start taking classes at their local community college before transferring to a four-year university. The Alabama STARS Guide helps ensure that core classes from the community college transfer with the student, so there’s no worry about taking a core class that won’t count toward your four-year degree.

How Can ACCS Help Me Reach My Goals?

In addition to awarding degrees, ACCS works with businesses and industries to help students build credentials that they can use to go straight to work. They cover soft skills and more specialized credentials through Skills for Success, ACE, and other programs. Momentum continues to build across the Alabama Community College System, and they want you to become part of their success. Academic and workforce advisors are available at every community college in Alabama to assist you with planning out your college experience. Contact your local community college today. They’re waiting on you!

Top Programs at Alabama’s Community Colleges:


More than half of the students enrolled seek a two-year general studies degree that can transfer toward a four-year university bachelor degree program. Some students earn their associate degree through dual enrollment before graduating high school.


Licensed practical nursing (LPN) and registered nursing (RN) programs are available across every region of the state. Community colleges also offer nursing apprenticeships that let students work and get paid before they even graduate college, and some community colleges have partnerships with four-year nursing programs. Entry-level nursing position salaries can begin at $47K and nearly double with years of experience.


Students interested in application development, networking, cyber security, and geographic information systems (GIS) can earn certifications and quickly work in jobs with a median salary approaching $100K.


Students who want to pursue careers in manufacturing focus on certifications and degrees such as machine tool technology, industrial maintenance, and mechatronics at community colleges. Entry-level positions can begin at $43K, with a median salary approaching $65K. Many employers also offer apprenticeships that help students earn while they learn.


This high-demand field continues to evolve with features like robotic welding gaining popularity. Graduates can earn up to $40-50K upon earning a degree or certificate and can eventually make up to $100K and more.

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