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High school students looking to get a taste of college will now have a free path to earning credit at The University of Alabama. The University’s dual enrollment program for high schoolers, will offer its one-of-a-kind UAEC 200 College Readiness course for FREE starting in the Fall 2022 semester.

The required UA Early College course benefits high school students right away by teaching them skills for writing, studying and communicating that are applicable both in their high school careers and when they get to college.

After a live online or in-person first class meeting with their guardian in attendance, students work one to two hours a day online to submit their UAEC 200 assignments and complete the course in five weeks. The college readiness class is an opportunity to earn two free college credits, right at the start of a student’s UA Early College journey.


  • How to navigate online courses
  • Time management
  • Reading college texts and preparing for tests
  • Research skills and using UA Libraries online
  • Freshman writing skills (proper citations, avoiding plagiarism)
  • College communication and email etiquette
  • How to format a college paper using MLA style
  • And most importantly, how to be a successful college student!

Throughout the course, students receive assistance from their instructor and a team including a student success coordinator, an academic advisor and a peer coach, as well as the entire UA Early College staff. These support systems are put in place to give students the best experience possible.


When Christlyn Horst was a UA Early College student, she said her grades in high school immediately improved after taking the UAEC 200 College Readiness course because it gave her the tools she needed to excel in her school work.

“I did not really know how to study correctly until UA Early College. The college readiness course gave me techniques that I could apply to my tests and assignments in high school as well as the courses that I was taking in the [UA Early College] program,” Horst said.

UAEC 200 taught her how to take proper notes, manage her time, write a paper with citations, compose professional emails and other important lessons that impacted the way she approached her high school and college career.


UA Early College is designed to help high school students become quality college students by providing a robust support staff to encourage and assist them. Gaining these skills while still in high school puts these students at an advantage going into their college courses.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school can apply to UA Early College by completing an online application and filling out the student information form. Students should also ask their school counselor to submit their high school transcript to UA Early College. To be eligible, students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above since ninth grade.

Applications are continually accepted, and students are admitted year-round. After completing the UAEC 200 College Readiness course, students become eligible to enroll in UA academic courses either online or in person (and even in the summer!). Students can earn up to 30 credit hours in the program, giving them a significant advantage on completing their bachelor’s degree.

If you have additional questions, please contact UA Early College at 205-348-7083 or on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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