5 Ways High School Counselors Help


A guidance counselor—pretty much every school has one, but do you really know what they’re there for? You may see them filling out paperwork, making phone calls, and meeting with students and wonder what about. The fact is, your high school counselor can help you with so much more than you realize!

College Counseling

This one might be a little obvious—but it’s still worth mentioning! Your counselor can help you figure out which college is best for you, as well as help you make a plan to attend that school. From financial aid questions to application essay proofreading, counselors are there to help every step of the way.

Making Connections

Not sure who to ask about job shadowing opportunities? Need someone to write you a sorority or fraternity recommendation letter? Just ask your counselor—they’re a great resource for making these connections.

Scholarship Searching

High school counselors often have the inside scoop on scholarships that students might not know about, such as ones from community organizations or local civic groups.

Academic Assistance

AP, IB, can get a little overwhelming. Schedule a meeting with your counselor to talk about which classes are best for you! Having trouble in a class? Your counselor is there to help you figure out how to manage.

Support and Advice

Remember: Your counselor is available to help with much more than just school-related issues. If you need someone to talk to, drop by their office and schedule an appointment. They’re likely more than willing to lend an ear and give you a pep talk.

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