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5 Things to Help Beat Procrastination


We all know it has to be done, but we also know how easy it is to brush off those tasks until the very last minute. This results in rushed work and all-nighters.

Here are 5 tips to actually get your work done on time!

  1. Lay it out. Starting is hard, but if you can just take that first step, it will be easier to have the momentum to finish the task. Tasks you have started, but not finished, are more likely to get stuck in your memory than ones you haven’t started at all.
  2. Break it down. Big tasks can be incredibly overwhelming, so we put them off. Breaking down that huge job into a few manageable tasks can ease your fear and help yourself get started.
  3. Tackle the worst thing first. Starting with the toughest task may make you want to push everything back farther. But guess what? Once you finish it, you’re done stressing about it! If you “eat the frog” or tackle your most challenging assignments first, everything else seems easier.
  4. Time yourself. When loaded with assignments, it’s easy to over-work yourself. Our brains can only handle so much information and focus at a time, so try setting a timer for focused studying or work and separate with breaks.
  5. Use incentives. Everyone loves being rewarded and it’s easier to be motivated when something is at stake! Having incentives for yourself is super important. It could be something as simple as watching an episode of your favorite show or treating yourself to ice cream.

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