5 Things: Textbook Resources

1. Campus Bookstore

The campus bookstore is probably the most expensive place to buy textbooks. However, it’s easy to buy your textbooks here, especially if you waited until the last minute because they know which books you will need for the class you are taking and have them available.

2. Library

Look at your local or campus library where you can check out textbooks for free. This option is probably going to be best for classes that require novels or anthologies because they will be readily available here. If you plan on checking out textbooks from the library, take note of the due date and check it out again if you run out of time.

3. Buy Or Rent Online

Buy and rent websites like Amazon and Chegg are going to be good resources for comparing buying options and prices. On these websites, you can buy, sell, and trade your textbooks with other students and vendors. This is a very easy and cost effective option for students on a budget.*Be mindful of shipping time and delivering on campus.

4. Online PDFs

For the most convenient and cost effective resource, always search for an online PDF version of your textbooks before looking to buy or rent them. These PDFs are free, easily accessible, and you won’t have to worry about lugging a heavy textbook across campus.

5. Prepaid Books

A lot of schools are starting to include textbook costs in the price of tuition. Usually the school or professor will give you this information in advance, but make sure you ask whether or not your textbooks will be included in your tuition cost before you start looking for them

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