5 Steps to Prepare You for Success

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You may have no idea what you want to do with your future, or you may know EXACTLY what you want to do with your future but have ZERO clue how to make it happen. This means you need to build a future plan and lucky for you, we have laid it out in 5 easy steps!

Choose A College Wisely

Start by making sure the college you are planning to attend offers at least three majors you think you could be interested in. This will allow you to change your major without having to transfer schools if you decide to switch up your plans.

Join Extracurriculars

Getting involved at school shows promise to future employers and provides experience to include on your resume. Join clubs related to your major or issues you are passionate about or even a hobby you enjoy.

Job Shadow

Find someone who works in the field you are wanting to pursue and ask if you can job shadow them. Most colleges have a job shadow program so make sure to ask a professor or someone in the career center to help direct you to a professional in your desired field.

Gain Experience

Take action! Apply for internship opportunities and volunteer positions. Keep an eye on your campus job boards. Create a LinkedIn profile and keep it updated with relevant experience, such as internships and volunteering.

Network, Network, Network

Search for campus events to learn about upcoming networking opportunities with companies in your field. Join student clubs and organizations that align with your career interests. Participating in a club is a great way to meet other students and potential employers. Network with professionals in your desired field and ask them to meet for coffee or lunch. Ask about the steps you should take to be successful.

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