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With everyday classwork turning into homework, there are a lot of resources that have been made free and available online. Make use of these online resources and continue preparing for college from the comfort of your home.

  1. Free Courses: is a free website with daily schedules for courses in math, physics, U.S. history, grammar, economics, and biology. There are also free SAT practice questions and tests. Even though the test dates have been canceled or postponed, it is still important to prepare.
  2. Free ACT/SAT prep: offers ACT Academy™ an online learning tool and personalized test practice program to help improve your score. offers free personalized official SAT practice with thousands of helpful features.
  3. Online Writing Help: is offering free interactive writing services to anyone affected by school closures. This site is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their craft before writing their college admissions essays. You can also practice your editing skills!
  4. Online Tutoring: makes learning easier. It allows students 24/7 support in their studies through online tutoring services, study tools, solution manuals, and a comprehensive guide for major exam preparation. Students can also check out to find college scholarships, course reviews, or rent textbooks at a discounted rate.
  5. Language Learning: is a free app that high school students can use to learn another language and improve their cognitive skills. Being bilingual can benefit memory, problem-solving abilities, and even intelligence.

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