5 Majors with High Starting Salaries

The following majors with high starting salaries:


  • Average Starting Salary: $72,614
  • Some of the highest paying careers in the world are found in engineering. The highest paying entry level positions in engineering are in the Chemical, Petroleum, Aerospace, Computer, and Electrical Engineering fields.

Computer science

  • Average Starting Salary: $66,800
  • Computer science degrees are some of the most employable degrees that students can pursue. As many job markets are shrinking due to technology replacing certain job positions, computer science is one field that is projected to expand over the next few decades.

Math and sciences

  • Average Starting Salary: $61,867
  • Degrees in both of these fields are massively growing. Math-related occupations are growing at a rapid pace, including positions such as operations research analysts and statisticians. Science majors can find jobs working as a biological technician, a chemist, a researcher, or a lab assistant in a hospital.


  • Average Starting Salary: $58,600
  • The average starting salary can vary based on the person, the job, and where the degree was earned. Management information systems, supply chain management, and finance are some of the most lucrative positions for undergraduate business majors. The salary also increases with the completion of a Master’s degree.

Social sciences

  • Average Starting Salary: $56,689
  • The salary range for this degree varies drastically based on the career field entered. Many graduates find work in law enforcement, homeland security, investigation, community service, and health services. Some careers within this field can earn six-figure salaries.

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