5 Credible Research Sources

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Research papers can be intimidating and it’s hard to know where to start. With so many sources at the ready, how do you know the information you’re finding is accurate? We’ve compiled a list of credible sources to help you get started!

 1. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a comprehensive database powered by Google Inc. containing scholarly citation information and resources for academics. It is a free web search engine that provides the researcher with full texts or excerpts from literature.

2. Google Books

Like Google Scholar, Google Books is a digital service for students powered by Google Inc. that allows students to search full texts of books within the google database.

3. Microsoft Academic

Microsoft Academic is a free public search engine for academic and scholarly literature powered by Microsoft that works to understand the meaning of your search to find relevant material instead of simply finding your keywords.

4. Virtual Learning Resources Center (VLRC) –

The VLRC is a mega database, containing thousands of academic information websites selected by teachers and library professionals to help current students and teachers find valid information. The VLRC is a free resource with a large list of information areas.

5. iSeek Education –

iSeek is a targeted search engine that is home to thousands of reliable resources from universities, the government, and many noncommercial providers. It is a free web-based library built for easy research.

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