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5 Careers To Consider for Science Lovers

5 Careers for Science Lovers

When choosing a career path, students need to think about their interests. Here are five careers to consider for science lovers that’re starting college.

If sitting in a science class keeps you wanting more information, you should think about pursuing a scientific career. The field of science is always looking for bright young minds to revolutionize industries and communities alike. While you’re exploring different degree plans and colleges, keep your job preferences in mind to choose the right course. Here are five careers to consider for science lovers who want to make a difference.  


Due to the current state of the world, epidemiologists might have the most critical jobs. These science professionals are experts in the realm of diseases and use their knowledge to better public health conditions. Some epidemiologists go on to work for the government to help prevent the spread of infectious illnesses, while others perform research for universities and other private sectors. If you want to improve communities across the country, epidemiology might be the path for you. 

Animal Scientist

Lovers of science and animals can combine their interests by working towards a career in animal science. This field is surprisingly diverse, with professionals working in the veterinary, agricultural, and nutrition industries. While some animal scientists dream of working with domesticated pets, others work on farms and large-scale agriculture sites to study things such as reproduction and diseases. All of these applications help improve the lives of humans and our furry friends through research and hands-on work. 

Chemical Engineer

Another excellent career to consider for science lovers is chemical engineering. Engineers work in almost every industry and use their varied knowledge to improve products and services. This is a great option for true science fans who can’t choose a favorite amongst your biology, chemistry, and physics classes. Chemical engineering is also a high-paying and stable job, so you can rest easy knowing your career field is secure. 

Medical Scientist

Like epidemiologists, medical scientists play a crucial role in our society. Medical scientists work in various specialties, from pharmacology to cancer research. While these professionals don’t have much face-time with patients, they are vital for the growth and development of public health as a whole. You’ll need to get a doctorate degree to become a licensed medical scientist. If this is your career of choice, you’ll need to start studying right away. 

Laboratory Technician

While you’re studying to become a scientist, you might consider landing a laboratory technician job to supplement your income and education. As a lab tech, you’ll learn everything you need to know, like how laboratories store hazardous waste. Having hands-on experience will help you climb the ladder so you can lead your own lab one day. If you decide that being a lab technician is your calling, you can choose to specialize and become an expert in fields like chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and biology. 

Knowing about your potential career paths will help you prepare for college and navigate your collegiate experience. Going to college is a huge decision, so carefully weigh out all of your options and design a degree plan that best meets your professional and educational needs.

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