5 Admission Pet Peeves

We asked admissions counselors from various colleges and universities to share their BIGGEST admissions “pet peeves.”

Here’s what they identified as the number one pain in their side when it comes to students applying to colleges and navigating the admissions process.

  1. Not completing application requirements. So many times, students apply but don’t take the initiative to follow up on required materials (transcripts, ACT scores, etc.). If a student is not proactive with their application, they lessen their chances of acceptance and their chances for additional scholarships/aid.
  2. Waiting until the last minute to get “next steps” done. Admissions counselors’ schedules and inboxes are too full to give you the time/energy you deserve if you wait too late. They just have too much of a workload. Applying and getting your paperwork done early benefits you more than the universities.
  3. Not checking your email. Counselors understand you are overloaded with correspondence; however, th ey need a way to communicate important information. Create a college email and check it often! Do not use your school email address as you will not receive the admissions emails.
  4. Let your rep know if you aren’t interested. If you are no longer interested in an institution, simply opt out of communication to your admissions counselor. They want to ensure all students have equal opportunities and will not be offended if you choose to cancel your application
  5. No/Low initiative from the student. This is YOUR future; as a young person, a skill that must be learned is the ability to go out and talk to people on your own, send your own emails, ask your own questions, and seek out your own information.

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