45 Must Do’s Before You Graduate

That long-awaited moment is finally here—Graduation. You’re in your final semester of what some would call the best time of their lives. The time before you take on the heavy college-course load and the financial responsibility that comes with living on your own. If it hasn’t already, time is about to fly by faster than you ever could have imagined. Believe it or not, you are going to miss high school. The little moments are what you are going to miss the most.

Here are a few simple must do’s before you cross that stage in May:

  1. Enjoy your classmates
  2. Have so much fun (responsibly)
  3. Work hard (but not too hard)
  4. Say you’re sorry and mend that fence
  5. Go to Prom (don’t pretend you hate it, that is a memory you shouldn’t miss out on)
  6. Tell that boy/girl how you feel—you never know the outcome until you do
  7. Study for your AP exams!
  8. Sit with someone new at lunch
  9. Participate in the dress-up days at school (they make for great pictures)
  10. Don’t be afraid of embarrassing yourself, it will create great memories
  11. Don’t waste your time worrying about anything petty
  12. Visit the places you loved growing up
  13. Eat at your favorite restaurants as often as you can, you will crave it
  14. Enjoy your mom’s cooking and always having food in the pantry
  15. Take pictures…and videos!!!
  16. Hang out with your friends on school nights (those are often the best memories)
  17. Be confident in your own skin
  18. Make all the lasts count
  19. Thrive in the excitement and uncertainty of your last semester
  20. Don’t waste your energy acting negatively towards others
  21. Go to the game, the party, or the play. Netflix isn’t going anywhere
  22. Say hi to people, you may never see them again after graduation
  23. Revel in the nostalgia, but live in the present too
  24. Go out of your comfort zone—you may make a fool of yourself but people will enjoy it, and you will look back on it fondly
  25. Go on an adventure with your friends, some of them won’t be around forever
  26. Take one last lap through your high school with your closest friends
  27. Laugh—at everyone, at everything
  28. Hang out with your younger siblings. They’re going to miss you
  29. Form that conversational relationship with your parents
  30. Go out of your way to say thank you
  31. Get involved
  32. Have lots and lots of sleepovers
  33. Blast your favorite songs and drive around with your best friends
  34. Tell that teacher who encouraged you how much you appreciate them
  35. Enjoy strictly in-class-ask-for-homework-kind-of-friendships—their expiration date is coming up quickly
  36. Do random things with random groups of people—They might become your best memories
  37. Regret literally nothing—no shame, no gain am I right?
  38. Make your friends’ birthdays a big deal. It may be the last time you’re all together for it
  39. Talk to someone you have never spoken to before
  40. Talk to your friends about everything, they’re probably feeling the same way
  41. Don’t stress—you’ll do plenty of that in college
  42. Go out to that restaurant after the game—you’ll be tired either way
  43. Make a memory/scrapbook (no, they aren’t out of style.) You’ll be glad you did
  44. College is awesome, but appreciate the memories with your childhood best friends, there’s nothing like them.
  45. Make so many memories and have SO MUCH fun.

Long story short, you’re in one of the best times of your life so far. Enjoy every single second.


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