Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship

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Technology Overuse

Teenagers do waste too much time with digital resources for uses which really do not make a positive difference in the long run. Teenagers are not the only ones however. Adults and even young children are overusing technology. I remember back when I was kid I did not get a Nintendo DS until I was in the fifth grade. Now kids get tablets before they enter grade school. People could be using their time in more productive ways. An article from said if the people who spend a lot of time playing video games would spend that time to building skyscrapers, forty-eight empire state buildings could be built every week. That is just video games alone. Imagine the possibilities if people sacrificed social media and television time as well for something greater. The world could be a much better place. Not only does technology waste time in many ways, it also tells people they need bigger, better, and more. It makes people compare themselves with other people and lowers their satisfaction of life. They compare their social status, their bodies, their jobs, their houses, and even their friends. This likely contributes to the increased cases of people who are clinically depressed. There are other ways technology has hurt people like cyberbullying, less physical activity, and more aggressiveness. Technology has its benefits, but when used excessively, many would agree it is not worth the cost.

Caleb Allen more than 1 year ago

Technological Addiction

Addiction to technology can be analyzed in various outlets, but none are perhaps more insidious than the ones forced upon youths. Counselors and teachers and parents are constantly talking about scholarships; one simply has to go online and there are thousands. That creates a problem. I get hundreds of emails related to college and scholarships, which I check up regularly. I have written countless essays, comments, etc. I have spent tens of hours scourging the internet for possible scholarships. Naturally, one would assume that the more opportunities would make it easier to win and afford college, but it may have had the opposite impact. The constant pursuit has created apathy.
It’s an oppressing obstacle, where failure builds. There is a constant drive to get money! Money! Money! Technology has been ingrained in our lives and youths are being subjected over and over to prove themselves worthy of the money. Free money! It’s easy, prove yourself! Over and over! Just an essay! Just one hundred word! One thousand dollars. You need two hundred thousand? Win two hundred times! As the failure rate is high keep it up. Do at least a thousand and perhaps you will be able to afford college. Just make sure you prove yourself.
I am a writer, so why does someone else own my pen. Why are all my words for some random scholarship? Wasn’t there a saying like ten thousand channels to watch on T.V. but nothing to watch? Welcome to my email. I’m not the only one constantly oppressed by future, which is fueled primarily by the internet. How much is each fragment of my soul worth? Email says one thousand.
I don’t even care about this scholarship. I only wrote this to relieve my stress, but in the back of my mind I think well why not submit it anyways, because most scholarships offers end up like that. Why try when it’s failure after failure? None of those failures are counted. Only the top are winners, and you can’t win unless you try. It’s a vicious cycle.
Of course you could argue that this is not an addiction. But then should one find himself or herself not trying to do everything in their power for the sake of money, then the failure rests on themselves for not trying. I’m already tired arguing over semantics. Tired of the digression of this topic. I’m going to go work on a writing portfolio now. Submit.

Riley Evanson more than 1 year ago

Technology Addiction

Technology addiction is a serious issue in today's society. Nowadays, people are more concerned about their iPhones and laptops than they are about the people around them. When I go out to dinner, and look around at all the other people eating I see teenagers texting away on their phones, adults carrying on conversations over the phone, and even little children playing games on their tablets. Our generation is losing the value of conversation. We are so caught up in communicating through social media that we barely even know how to ask for directions to the nearest gas station because we are too socially impaired to be able to. I mean, sure, technology has made all of our lives easier and more advanced, but is it really helping us? Or has it just handicapped all of us? We have become so reliant on our devices that we would not know how to function throughout the day without them. If some big catastrophe happened where all the power lines went out all over the world, and no one could use their phones or computers anymore the world would be absolute chaos. We, as a joined society, need to fix this problem. We need to step away from the technology every once in a while to to really enjoy the things around us. We only live on this earth for so long, so why waste it with our faces glued to our phones.

Madison Caldwell more than 1 year ago

limited to?

Hello I was just curious if this scholarship is only limited to high school students or can first year college students be included in this scholarship ? thank you for your time

Zakiya G

zakiya more than 1 year ago

Fall 2017