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How Did I Get Out???

My sister was 3 and learning people had ages. She loved “assigning” everyone ages. My brother was 8, and knew everything. One night, these two and I were sitting at home, and my sister was at it again.
“You are 4 and I am 7 and Sarah is 6!” she told my brother.
“Huh-uh! When I was 4, you weren’t born yet! You were still in Mommy’s tummy!” my brother exclaimed.
She turned to me. “Uh… Sarah? I was in Mommy’s tummy?”
“...Yes…” I cautiously replied.
“Um… How did I get out???”

Sarah Nelson more than 2 years ago

RE: How Did I Get Out???


Such a cute story. Thank you for sharing. You should definitely be sure to share it on for a chance at winning their "Make Me Laugh" Scholarship. Here's the link: more than 2 years ago

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