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Flavor of the Month - Camphor

Ice cream has come a long way since its humble origins. In 97 AD, Emperor Tang of Shang China enjoyed the first ice cream-like snack. He ordered 94 ice men to prepare him a treat consisting of buffalo milk, flour and camphor. Marco Polo, an Italian adventure and envoy of the Mongol Kublai Khan, has been credited as the first to bring the concept of the icy milk-based treat to countries outside China’s reign. Over the years, these 'ices' have evolved into the myriad of flavorful sorbets and gelatos that are especially popular in France and Italy today. Twenty-first century magazines and online websites claim to have found ways to sort readers into categories based on ice cream flavors. The ones who chose phlegmatic answers usually find themselves likened to bland vanilla, while adventurous folks are compared to bolder flavors such as rocky road. I have taken online quizzes like those myself and find that the categories in which the quizzes put me do not quite match my personality. Though I have yet to find a quiz whose answers reflects my opinion, I see myself more like the Chinese Emperor Tang’s buffalo milk delicacy than any other kind of ice cream.

Emperor Tang’s ice cream was not like anything seen previously. Camphor, which was one of the three main ingredients that the Emperor of Shang China requested in the making of his creamy dessert, is a flammable and transparent solid with a strong aromatic odor. Any substance containing some form of organic matter can be oxidized into H2O and CO2, a characteristic that defines flammability. All life forms contain organic matter; I, therefore, am about as flammable as camphor. I have not tested that hypothesis but I assume that if camphor and I were put under flames for extended periods of time, the substance and I would both burn fairly well. Another prominent characteristic of camphor is its pellucid look.Camphor is transparent in that it allows light to pass through so that objects directly behind it are easily visible. I am transparent in that my intentions are easy to detect. Camphor’s exterior is unclouded, whereas my personality is easily seen through. The word “transparent” could easily apply to us both. In addition, modern ice cream does not usually emit any odors besides the sweet aroma of sugar. Camphor, however, tends to have a noticeably strong smell. With every scent imaginable conveniently packaged into perfume bottles, I find it easy to have as strong an aroma as camphor. The first ice cream, Emperor Tang’s treat of milk, flour, and camphor, aided in the development of the sweet treats sold at most locations in the modern world and it is this flavor of ice cream with which I identify the most.

If I were an ice cream flavor, I would most likely find myself the flavor of the buffalo milk, flour, and camphor ice cream of Emperor Tan in 97 AD because the treat and I share prominent similarities.

Tammie Nguyen more than 1 year ago

ice cream you scream we all scream for ice cream.

If I were an ice cream flavor I think that I would be strawberry. Refreshing, sweet, and not too bad for you. I can be a bit unpredictable like a real strawberry in every few bites. I can be sweet like the treat itself. sometimes I can be a bit tart. But I'm also a bit better for you than other flavors so you never regret picking me.

Jacob Teter more than 1 year ago

Rocky Road

I would be rocky road because I am complicated and have many sides to me although most of them are similar.

Caleb Allen more than 1 year ago

Flavor of the Month Scholarship

Flavors, flavors, and more flavors. There are hundreds of different types of ice cream in the world, just as there are billions of different types of personalities in the world. So which personality am I? I'm generally sweet, intelligent, and quiet on the outside, but I can get loud, annoying, and awkward once someone gets to know me. I'm a ginger, which could be the reason for the double personality. And although ginger ice cream is an actual type of ice cream, I wouldn't say it's the kind of ice cream that truly reflects who I am. I would choose my favorite, chocolate moose tracks with peanut butter and fudge, but I've decided on something classic and double sided instead, just like me! I've decided that if I were to suddenly become a bowl of ice cream, I would be a big bowl of butter pecan. Most of me, including my buttery side, is sweet and predictable. But I have those occasional salty and surprising almonds that either occur too much or not enough. Butter pecan is the perfect ice cream flavor to depict myself as, because I can be pleasant, weird, and out of place all at the same time. Just like this classic ice cream, I try to comfort people and encourage them to come to me whenever they are in need of a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on. Butter pecan can brighten up a day, which is how I strive to live each day by helping out in my community through my church, 4-H groups, and even FBLA. All in all, butter pecan is the special type of ice cream that reflects my personality. With both sweet butter and pungent almonds, I'll always keep the others around me on their toes!

Abby Martin more than 1 year ago


I’ve got it all — the crowd-pleasing nature of vanilla, the decadent side of chocolate, and the refreshing attitude of strawberry. It’s not that I can’t decide on one personality, but rather that I am such a multifaceted person that one measly flavor just can’t suffice. Because I’ve got so much depth, people love to stick around and get to know every part of me. And that’s a great thing.

Dewan Protiva more than 1 year ago

Fall 2017