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A chance for life

My original career plan to become part of the healthcare industry started at the beginning of my junior year. At that time, an exciting new 2-year program called “Sports Medicine” was initiated to gauge measurable results and offer a practical career path for interested students. I had decided to pursue a career in Physical Therapy and Kinesiology by obtaining Bachelors and Masters Degrees. I then planned to intern with the VA (Veterans Administration) to help rehabilitate both old and young veterans. I believe that it is an honor to serve others who have sacrificed so much for us. After a practical internship I would either start my own physical therapy clinic or decide to pursue an M.D. degree.
It is my belief that helping others, especially those who suffer great pain, and have a need for hope and rehabilitation of their lives is the greatest possible career a person could have. My own father is a disabled veteran who has suffered as a result of service to his country. During his many hospitalizations at both civilian and military facilities, I have spoken with both veterans and caregivers, and have been inspired by the joy they have discovered in helping others “find their lives”. This motivates me to learn all I can to join them and help others. I am a witness to the lack of sufficient physical therapists in our present health system.
There are a number of attributes that I would bring to a healthcare career. Some of the admirable attributes that I have witnessed in others in healthcare are compassion, optimism, enthusiasm and passion about what you are trying to accomplish, and a willingness to listen and learn. For many who suffer, the greatest need is to find hope and regain a vision of what their lives can be. They need more than simple physical therapy. They need a person who will come along side them in spirit, willing to partner in the long process of rediscovering life at all levels. I believe I am ready to do that.
I would honor this scholarship because I know exactly what I want to do in the healthcare industry and the funds will allow me to dedicate my time to studies. Also, I have demonstrated a consistent pattern of service to others throughout my high school career. I have been a member of G-Crew, a service organization for helping freshmen, worked with Mrs. Ray as a student trainer one year in football, served as finance chair of ASB, been a 4-year member of Young Life, coached Pop Warner football, and am also one of only two students out of 2600 chosen to be on the Student Site Council working for the future of Grossmont High School.

Austin Stephens more than 3 years ago

A chance for life

Hey Austin,

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Good luck!

PotentialMagazine.com more than 3 years ago

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